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Snappy Saddlery

Innovative Equestrian

Snappy Reins V1- Black and Brown

$45.00 $85.00

These reins are designed for easy use.

The stainless steel buckle in the middle makes putting on rings (martingale) a breeze, or wrapping the reins around the horses neck while lunging or tied up, a very easy process!

The stainless steel buckle at the 'bit' end makes for easy rein removal for changing bits or cleaning

The reins have stoppers for martigales/ rings.

Beautiful biogrip is used for comfort and druability.

The reins are 23mm wide  (25mm wide over the grips). This allows for a soft hold of the reins, as they are enough rein in your hand, while having the soft hold, they are big enough so they don't slip easily through your hand.

They are 137cm long (54") standard size english reins.

These reins are version 1, the buckles and grips are a close fit going through martingale rings. Hence cheap price with limited stock.

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